Dreams do come true after all…..

At ma new place of ma own!..at last i was lyke staying on ma own again,independently!. There's nt much of a different in fact as i was so used to being alone even tymes in sengkang..Well well....kinda resminicing on the past a lot lately,so much tings had happen tyme & again as per norm..dat 'so … Continue reading Dreams do come true after all…..



We make our paths,We're independent .We dump our boyfriends.And we do our hair anyway we would like .We figure out,that we are attractive.And we look around ,And now we loved to live the single life .And then we tell ourselves well never fall in love again .But I just told myself I will not fall … Continue reading Suddenly

Tribute ’27th’…dat marks again!

Thanks for all you've done & I've missed you for so long. Stil can't believe that you're goneYou still live in me & im feeling you in the windYou guide me constantlyI've never knew what it was to be alone, NO ,cause you've always been there for meYou & me,we cry,we laugh,we eat,we sleep,we irritate,we … Continue reading Tribute ’27th’…dat marks again!

Life Highways….

Going around on lifes highways Everything always seems to go the other way.The roads are so confusing ,There are many that are not to amusing. Sometimes you get lost,Then there's times you pay the cost.Theres so many deadends ,So many lost friends.Alot of ups and downs,You dont know when to smile or to frown.Theres alot … Continue reading Life Highways….