Life is the sum of experiences that we encounter as go through life.Day to day to struggles and triumphs are experienced by all of the world's creatures.As human beings, when we encounter a challenge, we have freedom to choose how to react.Every decision that we make leads us down another road. We will never come … Continue reading Lyfe…..


Hari Raya 2009

Finally it was Hari Raya again...Evryting seems diffs in evry aspect dis year...It seems so fast for evrytin diz year seh. Mentioning 'bazaar geylang'...have nt been to it for years as i cant stand the crowd & heatyness. But dis year,i've been der for lyke 3x. Got maself a nice blue baju kurung. Blue was … Continue reading Hari Raya 2009


If you saw me on the street would you stop and talk to me or would you look right past me, a stranger you didn't see?I often think of you, do you ever think of me?one day I hope we meet again, you'd be so proud of me.I want to share so much with you,like … Continue reading Mum

Cant fill this empty spaces…

Self-esteem is all but gone,of ego there’s barely a trace.There’s so much pain behind the mask i wore upon ma face...No one can truly understand unless you either live with it or love someone who lives with it.I can't fill this empty space,My heart is broken from the pain of loneliness.I don't know the reason … Continue reading Cant fill this empty spaces…

Journey of fasting month!

It felt so great for this year Ramadan month. Couldn't express with word but it just felt different this year. Have not been fasting for years but started again this year. Part of the difference is that i'm by maself this tyme. Having him around for the past 8 years everyday in ma lyfe & … Continue reading Journey of fasting month!