Constantly blind….

Blistered fingers & scrapped knees make you doubt the climb is worth the pain...sumtymes it's nt the ache dat hurts, bt the reminder of failure wen all your efforts go unappreciated...Loved ones says dey understand & the support does not go unrecognized...It's hard to tell who they are, thou the people, who truly are your … Continue reading Constantly blind….


Characters closure….Been there..done that!

Lately....evryday ders always tings around me that made me kips ma mind wonder again & again,it tot me to be more matured in facing a situation.Honestly,often then not....tink if i were to compliled & consolidate the journey of ma lyfe,family background,siblings ties,deprived childhood days..&..*drum rolls*...the age of 14,the whole journey begins & the line of … Continue reading Characters closure….Been there..done that!

Moment in Tyme….between the miles!

Suddenly emptiness filled within much tings happen lately just for the start of the new year!..I couldnt express or even describe what im feeling deep within, the so-called 'proclaim bestie',so much of a good fren! Utterly dissapointed throughout tings dt has happen & its such an eye-opener. Well,of course nobody is perfect & do … Continue reading Moment in Tyme….between the miles!

2010…here we come….

Today as i sit by the window, i ponder on all the things that have happened and could have happened “IF”… there were so many things you could think of, if u didnt do this you get that, if that and this..But as i sit,touch my heart and hear what it says, i realise that … Continue reading 2010…here we come….