Amiable and unpretending

It teaches me more and more each day thinking of what's next, more often than not unexpected happenings have start taking its place in toll these days in our daily lives especially with things that revolves around us again and again..gheez!Whats more lacking of motivation rules me these days. But wait you havent heard the … Continue reading Amiable and unpretending


Simplicity act in contentment

Sleepy mind yet congested! Having to make someone feel lyke a complete total idiot, i swear it wasnt cool at all to end the night yet anothr start of the next day feeling bluntly sulky. Having to promise that I will never allow my emotion to be in control by nothing else! Total complacement..The sleep … Continue reading Simplicity act in contentment

Yesterdays Nonsence…

So much has been happening and I haven't felt like writing.My life has flipped all over the place in the past few weeks, like the ss minnow in a hurricane...I've been tossed. Ups and downs, both extremes, things have been crazy.I'm not sure what to say anymore, how to let you folks in or put … Continue reading Yesterdays Nonsence…

Amazing Sunday

It was a nice evening having to met up with Nora & Ismail again after such a long tyme. We hugged & never wanting to let go, we've missed each othr very much. But I guess I'l just let things go on its own flow. Ismail was still the same. As easy going as he … Continue reading Amazing Sunday