Morning boredom kills!

Another sleepless night again!..whats new huh! Having to watch Nora sleeping so soundly & boredom strikes just kill off your mind tremendously! Im really hoping to land myself into a job really pretty quick!.Supposed to be meeting Rahul & Zaki for some night outz but laziness just barged in the way that made me just … Continue reading Morning boredom kills!



Staying home is a preferable options left today and I do love it. Quiet moments at home all to yourself. Been going to several interviews and I really hope that I will get the one at RWS. It seems interesting and a challenging call centre I must say.Sleeping the whole day was a useless exercise … Continue reading Random

Its just gonna be one of those days…..Melancholic….

There's just something which I hated most in this part of my life right now! That is definately moments when you have no internet access at home and when you fav laptop is crashed!...Can you see the clear crystalic  picture now on what the advance technology have done to make a big difference affecting a … Continue reading Its just gonna be one of those days…..Melancholic….