Sometimes things were nice when it fall just on its own. Thinking that every thing was literally all right from the begin. Already ready to just open up & keep my options open. When a few came along,nothing seems right & no chemistry clinched. Tell me about it! Those were the nice ones. I cant … Continue reading Pointless


End of Ramadan.

Time has slipped away seeing through the 1 month of Ramadan passing beautifully. As we get older, we can always feel the time passed through so quickly without realising and looking back to all the goings.We could just be thanful in the name of God gracious that we are able to wake up another day … Continue reading End of Ramadan.

Absolute Monday…Making every experience into an opportunity….

Are you so excited its Monday? I know I am! Its a start of a whole new week!! This week there's a lot going on. Being up north for 3months, it was a great break. Really! It also helped me realised how much I really do. And because of that, I have taken steps to … Continue reading Absolute Monday…Making every experience into an opportunity….