All those moments……

First it was few outs with elfy, den followed by nizam wedding, damien wedding dinner and karaokeing with st jamians. And last night was karaoke with Nora. Ghosh! Every moment was antogonising, jostling in with laughter all over again.Gathered with st jamians and all the photo takings was just anthr normal line-ups. Goin out with … Continue reading All those moments……


I have a new ‘virtual best friend’….

As this blog is typed, my eyes were already waiting to be in the comfort shutdown land..Yay! I've finally managed to create anthr blog. But this time, its private & anonymously. Ask me why? Reason was becoz ders always somekind of unsatisfied feeling, its just dat ders just some things dats nt meant to & … Continue reading I have a new ‘virtual best friend’….

Tides Overtime….2010

Goodness gracious......2010, anthr year reaching its end raving through with the real speed of most amazing time machine. Going back to this same month last year wer evrything was a total different and wen everyone start making way for this year's (2010) wishlist & to do list. Now just take a moment to urself and … Continue reading Tides Overtime….2010

Another Lame Sunday..

Waking up late at afternoon after a long late night chat on the fon with supposedly a beautiful sunday perhaps was just another wishful thinking, staring into space for long trying to recognise the day. Bright sunny weather which was perfectly great to accompany some outdoors while somehow lazy mode pressed me down.Bro & … Continue reading Another Lame Sunday..

Making way for interest….all about getting back on track!

I have finally made a decision to resign. Yes, I've given a serious thought abt it after getting pretty good opinions from some people. Thanks to Bud, Kak Za, Rizal & Cik Non. Felt so relieved after letting it off the chest. Thank you for ur time.Today I learnt something new. Its real as I … Continue reading Making way for interest….all about getting back on track!

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away..

Today again I was on medical leave. Its been more then a week that ma tonsil is playing its tantrum & now it has gt ulcers and swollen gums as its playmate gunning in ma mouth altogether..The pain...its Dreadful!! What can you possibly do especially when u can hardly open ur mouth to talk properly, … Continue reading An apple a day, keeps the doctor away..