Just Ranting…………

This is just one those weeks where days just seemed couldn't get enough and it just flew off like an uncontrolled time machine. Seriously there wasn't enough time in our days some days. This is the conclusion I’ve come to this evening. I’m exhausted... and I think it’s because I’m stressed. I thought writing out … Continue reading Just Ranting…………


The mind gets angry but the heart still cares..

She walks out of this friendship leaving huge dissapointment. Eventually its hurts even more wen u fall out frm a frienship than a relationship of Love. You can't make the same mistake twice. The second time u make it, its no longer a mistake, its a choice. Trusting u again is my decision, proving me … Continue reading The mind gets angry but the heart still cares..

So close, but yet so far……

Sometimes its just best to let go of certain friendships, no matter hw much its gonna hurt u. Letting go is better than being ignoring each other like a perfect stranger. Shld I smile because we're friends. Or cry because we can't be nothing more?.. I'm walking away frm ur life. Not that I hate … Continue reading So close, but yet so far……


10 Things I wish to say to 10 different people right now…

Let me clarify....as I live my life with "no regrets"... there is a lesson in everything we do, say, feel....and it is up to us to realize this..learn from things...and grow....These are def things I wish I had done better though....This was a good challenge for me today.1. I don't deserve you2. I want nothing … Continue reading 10 Things I wish to say to 10 different people right now…


Good enough is no longer good enough most of the time..

People have a 'self-image'. An image of the way we think our lives shd be. If we lose a leg or break a neck, the self-image changes..As people worked hard to become who they think they shd be...and worked even harder to avoid becoming the person they fear they could be, and the search for … Continue reading Good enough is no longer good enough most of the time..


Wish you were here

I was reading the blog of a friend earlier today and was struck by how poignant her words are. How they make me feel as if we are sitting across a table enjoying a drink together.And I miss that. A lot. Really.The ability to write as if you are here I mean. It was something … Continue reading Wish you were here


Random Thoughts

Blogging at a certain time of the day, especially when the brain already decided on pointless column..'Annoytating' & 'Irrinoying'...yes, both at the same time, it just explains that when on random moments you thought you had so much in mind but there's no 'network' but when your're already accompanied by your blog, all you had … Continue reading Random Thoughts