We all deserve to feel good.

Oh, and I kinda miss my boyfriend, a lot.....I never thought I'd say a phrase like this again. Sometimes, I still can't believe I'm in a relationship. The girl who once swore off boys and had her walls up so high is finally allowing her heart to feel and accept that Love indeed changes people.For … Continue reading We all deserve to feel good.


Turning point. Your deed is your only faith

Recent happening wasnt promising at all. Been having some time lapse for the whole catastrophe can be an unmeasurable metered epic. Well, somehow one way or another things need to get sorted out at arms length as possible. It's amazing what pressure and stress will do to a person and how they handle it. Anyway...yeah...I … Continue reading Turning point. Your deed is your only faith

For a change, do nothing!

I'll prefer to just keep it at arms length. Often if we dont hear ourselves, our own quiet voices gets silenced.It was always about them, that is, other people and their problems. I had no responsibility to change anyone, only to listen and learned. The answer is simple and terribly difficult. To feel senses, to … Continue reading For a change, do nothing!