I don't know if it's wishful thinking or not, but I really believe that God sometimes sends us messages specifically to cheer us up. Here I was rally upset about having no on around that really cares and today I met a friend online who I hadn't spoken to for ages. She had sent me … Continue reading Trueness


No regrets, just lesson learned.

There’s just too much things seemed crushing my mind to real tiny bits of pieces. Being unheard & often misunderstood. I have come to a stage of having myself in between a fine line of giving up or seeing how much more I can take it. What the hell was I thinking of at that … Continue reading No regrets, just lesson learned.


It seems that I'm expecting to find an easy answer. But there are no easy answers. Especially if the questions are not so straightforward.Someone told me that I seem to be unconvinced. When I asked for a clarification, he said that he didn't know. Even he doesn't know...'Welcome to my world of confusion', I said.Am … Continue reading Reflections

Surrealism to Limitations

Pointless, as always. It just Frustrating. Annoying. Maddening. Damn!Not sure what's going to come out of this post because I'm really, really tired and I have a thing. Um, thing going on. Well, it's not actually me who has the thing going on, but I've been sort of been swept up from the sidelines and … Continue reading Surrealism to Limitations

Eventuality thoughts…………

I realized that I have been losing the will to socialize. I don't know if it's because I'm sick of people or if I just don't have the energy anymore. But currently I'm forcing myself to mingle. After all it's not healthy to live a secluded life.However I still remain to be really bad at … Continue reading Eventuality thoughts…………