2012 . . . 10 Hopes & Wishes

I actually had the list handwritten and put up on the wardrobe door. So that I will have a view of it everyday in and out. Journey of 2010 and 2011 was filled with endless knockbacks. One ting I'm certain of was being a wiser adult now. Having em' all listed in random orders, it … Continue reading 2012 . . . 10 Hopes & Wishes


Sometimes . . . .

Sometimes I do the most random things, and I ramble. This is where that will happen. Expect anything and everything. It is interesting how quickly and suddenly we can realize how important and precious life is. I’ve seen beauty. I’ve seen pain, I’ve seen love, & I’ve seen hate. I’ve seen moments that last forever, & … Continue reading Sometimes . . . .

I think, in time. « Somethings Noted

Fierce anger. It can burn quite strongly, and boil up the heart. I am fairly good at hiding my discontent, frustration, disappointment, and anger and I manage to keep it to myself fairly well, or at least I would like to think I do. For the past couple years things have been okay for me, … Continue reading I think, in time. « Somethings Noted

You are not Woman Enough – MyFatPocket.com

You are not Woman Enough - My Fat Pocket. Women. We come in all sorts of form and duties. A daughter. A female. A wife. A mother. We play many a great role, such a significant one that even the greatest thing on Earth bears our name - Mother Nature.And women, no matter how strong … Continue reading You are not Woman Enough – MyFatPocket.com

2012 Relationship Resolutions

1) Drop grudges. Whatever mistakes your partner has made in the past, if you are still together, it means you both want it to work. It won't work if you keep harping on his past mistakes. 2) Say what you mean, and mean what you say, without being mean about it. You need to stop … Continue reading 2012 Relationship Resolutions


I've always had this feeling that sometimes lingers and sometimes disappears. I sometimes feel that I'm a fictional character...made up of certain traits and characteristics...but that is where it stops at. Sometimes it's like a feeling of detachment, as if I'm watching myself live. Other times it's a feeling of surrealism, that whatever I say … Continue reading Surrealism

I wonder if we have the options to end our lives . . .

I wonder if we had the option to end our lives (without any religious ramifications), would we see more people doing it? Would I do it? I'm not suicidal, I just wonder sometimes, would that make life easier for us, to just have that option in our hands? I sometimes feel I have messed up … Continue reading I wonder if we have the options to end our lives . . .