when your emotions has run out . . . .

When your emotions has run out and ego has gone back to its place. Of all the madness which resides inside my petty soul the one which drives me craziest is my desire to prepare for the worst... all the time.. naah almost all the time.. okay a lot of times! I know I know, … Continue reading when your emotions has run out . . . .



I wanted to blog tonight. This is my fourth attempt to write something. Deleted the other entries. Maybe another time.so I blabber it all in short. - I had a lot on my mind tonight, today, yesterday, last week…. - Worried. - I am happy about much. - I am still very angry about that. … Continue reading Just.

(~_^) 20 Real Facts of Capri’me!

(Just for the fun of ironic accuracy!) #Capricorn's usually know what's best so listen carefully when they give advice. #Capricorn can cut off all their feelings for someone in a second if they know it is the best thing to do. #Capricorn's come off hard & stern because of their serious nature & to protect … Continue reading (~_^) 20 Real Facts of Capri’me!