Tomorrow is promise to no one.

Over the last week and today, we have been reminded, once again, sadly in some brutal ways that life is short. I have actually been pretty distracted of late as my thoughts are constantly being drawn to this fact. My mind races with questions, worries and worst fears. It terrifies me to know that we can leave for work or school one morning, say goodbye to family, with no idea that we will never be returning.  Life can be snuffed out in an instant.

Too often we get so caught up in day to day living and the sometimes monotonous routine of getting up, going to work, getting home, having supper, going to bed only to start again the next day that we forget to stop, to take a moment to appreciate the blessings we have in life. To remember to thank those around us for being there for us, for loving us and for making our lives all the more precious by being in it.                            
We take for granted the fact that those around us know that we love and appreciate them. We feel we don’t need to say it everyday as there will be time to let them know when things are not that busy, when we don’t have deadline or too much on. But just when we are at our most complacent, tragedy steps in. Often can be so devastating, at times, it is powerful enough to rock those who live hundreds or thousands of miles away, people in no way directly related to the incident.

Really. We should slow down, breathe and be grateful for your life’s blessings. Most importantly let those around you know how much they mean to you. Give them all extra long special hugs as soon as you can.

Lately of so much happenings, as the rest of others mourned over the lost of their loved ones, had got me in being reminded to let those special people know they make my life so incredibly full. However I never want to rely on whatever that have happened, to remind me of all this. I want to make use of every single opportunity, sunrise or sunset, anything and everything I can to ensure I remember how truly blessed I am and how grateful I am for today, because tomorrow really is promised to no one. Just that ♥


Semoga yg telah pergi dijemput Ilahi terlebih dahulu dari kita, ditempatkan di sisi kemuliaan dan keampunan Allah SWT



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