Another Birthday is another Year of Blessings. 

All praises to Allah for letting me to live another age. Can’t thank enough to all the wishes and duas I got through my inbox, FB, Whatsapp from family and friends. Made me felt really grateful and blessed.

This new age got me reminded that I have no more time to waste and to engage in positivity of all levels. Another year to push harder and work harder to get things in place. Of all birthdays, this one comes to another clarity of perception where it is not anymore about how it should be celebrated and what kind of gifts to desire for. It is more important to me that I can still live to see my loved ones before my eyes and being able to feel content with the presence.

To be honest, I still can’t fathom the fact at how quickly the year has whizzed by. Life’s been on an upbeat track for me,  from meeting new people to exploring new opportunities. One good lesson learnt was learning how to ‘let-go’ and to never look back anymore. Those who left and had walked out on me, I somehow glad they did, no matter how much we can missed them that it hurts sometimes.

2016 also taught me that it’s okay to breakdown and cry but always to remember to pick myself up. I’ve lost people and I’ve became closer to people whom now I can’t imagine living without. It has been helluva ride and a grateful blessings at the same time. However I thank God for all the people whom have stuck by me this whole entire journey and was always there to tell me that everythings gonna be alright. I’ve learned that hurt comes unexpectedly and in all forms; big or small. Work has it’s ups and downs but I somehow fell in love with every flaws of it.

Happy Birthday to me. It’s 2017 now, another age to get by, I’m more collected now and can barely wait to see what holds for me this year.


I hope I can do a lot this year and get my stuff together. Insecurities can really overpower things and that’s the only enemy I gotta deal with.

With Love.


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