Another Birthday is another Year of Blessings. 

All praises to Allah for letting me to live another age. Can’t thank enough to all the wishes and duas I got through my inbox, FB, Whatsapp from family and friends. Made me felt really grateful and blessed. This new age got me reminded that I have no more time to waste and to engage … Continue reading Another Birthday is another Year of Blessings. 


I don’t care anymore

​You dont see me trying doesnt mean that I don't If only you knew the pain I went thru from the losses, maybe things would be different. Maybe. And the more you pushed me with all that indirect small talks with shooting arrows, all the more I'm inclined to not care anymore. Yep. It's all … Continue reading I don’t care anymore

The All-Knowing knows it all.

"When one door closes, there's always something better awaits us..." "If it's good for us, it'll will be ours no matter come what may..." "What we want so badly or perceive it may be the best we thought it would be, may not be the best for us thus He'll push it away or take … Continue reading The All-Knowing knows it all.

12 Things I want to say to all different people right now.

I have so much in my head. I just need to let this flow out. So don't judge. 1) You make me feel like I'm piece of crap... 2) I want to let you know, that you have ruined my life. But I will never tell you that. 3) You saw me hurting. You noticed … Continue reading 12 Things I want to say to all different people right now.

Just another day…

I have no problem with privileged people. I just have a problem with how they manage these privileges. Sometimes you really have to face your ugly sides in order to wake up. In this case it's not ugly as much as it is weak. I'm sick of people who dramatize their lives and keep whining … Continue reading Just another day…

Tomorrow is promise to no one.

Over the last week and today, we have been reminded, once again, sadly in some brutal ways that life is short. I have actually been pretty distracted of late as my thoughts are constantly being drawn to this fact. My mind races with questions, worries and worst fears. It terrifies me to know that we … Continue reading Tomorrow is promise to no one.