A thousand words but none were spoken. Guess there was nothing left to say. Another dream just got broken, guess things just turn out that way...



I have so many things to be thankful for.... sometimes I get confused as to where to start in my expressing of my gratitude..... the list literally could go on and on for hours and hours... =) This week,let's cut the epic less yet again with my concious mind. For all the goings, I've been … Continue reading Random~

Is it hereditary or retribution of the past doings….

Too many tings happen yet again lately..*big sigh....one thing that is definate, this is no end of the story at all. Gotten to find out the hurtful truth, evrything seems surreal. But to this moment, im stil wondering what life could offers me yet time & again.Ive helped him up & again, no limitations to … Continue reading Is it hereditary or retribution of the past doings….