Somewhere in between Mind

I literally slept through the whole evening. And what now, well kinda dropping by for a short post since I've not been blogging for a period of time now. I know this could sound random to many but hey! I've gotta let it off my chest at least for the comfort of my own mind.. … Continue reading Somewhere in between Mind


As I Gasp…..

It is really ironic...I AM STILL been hving dreams ovr a same person up till now...Adding on to it, recent it was 3 days in a row. To the long thought I've to forget them dearly. I have really Do!...Everyday I tell myself "oh gerl, it's just a big deal". This is obviously way … Continue reading As I Gasp…..

Nocturnal I Am.

Not been blogging so often lately. I can't even ask myself 'why' is it at such. haha Im suchaa an Insomniac too lately. I hate it much. Horribly yes so much hate. I gotta seek treatment I guess. This is just something I can't just say "it will go away"! ; When other are pretty … Continue reading Nocturnal I Am.