So Nothing

Anyway.I don't really have a lot to blog about today, as is usual on just a morning. Another bit of weird, when you think about it. I generally have plenty of time to think of something blatherable. I should even be able to manage actual, well-fleshed-out all days. I don't generally bother. Far too many … Continue reading So Nothing



It's unkind of a busy to cut into my blogging time, you know. What should be the priority here?Um, work.Yeah, yeah, I know.Tomorrow will be busy too, so it looks like this will officially be the Week of Useless Posts. Sorry about that, all, but ya gotta go with the busy season while it happens. … Continue reading Epic

Keeping it going……

Again...I've been inspired to write. Those of you who've been around a while know exactly what has been goin on for the recents. Now, the comment that led to this also included a lovely compliment that I very much appreciate. Here's the thing...I feel pretty damned confident most of the time. I'm in this weird … Continue reading Keeping it going……

No where….

That's all. Just tired. It's been a really rough few days for Yours Exhaustedly and sleep, to the point where I'm having trouble eating at the moment because I just feel nauseous.Geez, is insomnia ever fun.I'm tired, remember? I have done a little bit of news surfing around the 'net today, Ah well. Sometimes it pays … Continue reading No where….