I walk. I fall. I walk. I fall. I’ll walk again. . .

Few months ago it seemed like everything was pointing me in the direction of a new career. But lately the universe seems to be making things a tad more complicated. the financial situation isn't what I was hoping it would be. I was feeling exhausted by the pressure. I was beginning to doubt maself. To … Continue reading I walk. I fall. I walk. I fall. I’ll walk again. . .


Shelve it all for 2011

I pray that my heart will be guarded to fullest. Over time I was able to perceive things, feelings..etc. As I look back now and see how that time allowed me to grow in ways I never had, improve in attitude and character, begin expressing myself in healthier ways, let my feelings actually feel, and … Continue reading Shelve it all for 2011

Sometimes . . . .

Sometimes I do the most random things, and I ramble. This is where that will happen. Expect anything and everything. It is interesting how quickly and suddenly we can realize how important and precious life is. I’ve seen beauty. I’ve seen pain, I’ve seen love, & I’ve seen hate. I’ve seen moments that last forever, & … Continue reading Sometimes . . . .