Usually when i hang around certain people for a long time, i tend to mold my habits to fit theirs. Then when i hang out with others, i feel really rusty on the usual jokes and happenings.The past few days, i spent the night out with the usuals. All the jokes and comments made me … Continue reading Rusty


A Blissful Journey

… when you are facing this?

‎”Some people you can afford to spend a few minutes with, but not a few hours.”

Jim Rohn

I wonder if this  kind of people know that they’re actually only worth few minutes to be with?

On the second thought, I think it’s always better to make sure yourself first that you are a somebody that worth hours to be spent with.

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My exact sentiments . . .

A Blissful Journey

Here comes the day, the last of  day of 2012. The day when people wish you happy New Year. The day when some people start to think about their new resolutions or some even already have finished writing down their list. As for me, I don’t make new year’s resolutions because I know for sure I tend to forget them or even get derailed. Or maybe , is it because I’m too lazy to force myself to make my list of resolutions come true?

I don’t know. All I know, I do work hard to be the best of me. Each day of the year. I count my blessings every day as I open my eyes in the morning and before I go to sleep in the evening. This practice led me to believe that is better to make small resolutions each day you can follow through. Life seems much…

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