12 Things I want to say to all different people right now.

I have so much in my head. I just need to let this flow out. So don’t judge.

1) You make me feel like I’m piece of crap…

2) I want to let you know, that you have ruined my life. But I will never tell you that.

3) You saw me hurting. You noticed the pain. And you didn’t do shit. And it’s eating me alive.

4) Go feed your own ego. I’m doned trying.

5) What’s left unsaid, says it all.

6) Even though we didn’t talk, I still wonder how you’re doing.

7) Let’s try to take it back, before it went all wrong.

8) You are just to selfish to be of any help.

9) Tiptoeing around the problems and acting like they don’t exist doesn’t help anyone, it only hurts everyone in the long run.

10) Doesn’t mean your age is bigger in numbers, you are always right all the time. No matter how superior the relationship is.

11) You should limit singing praises for other people’s children and stop picking out your own child’s flaws. All the more if your child is a already a grown-adult. That’s no way to knock senses in them as you claimed to be. Your children have feelings too. I am not yet a parent but hey I have lived enough that same pain as a child. So I know. I damn know.

12) Everyone has mood swings, you’d better know when to control your tongue bruh!

That’s it. I just need to rant.


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