Somewhere in between Mind

I literally slept through the whole evening. And what now, well kinda dropping by for a short post since I've not been blogging for a period of time now. I know this could sound random to many but hey! I've gotta let it off my chest at least for the comfort of my own mind.. … Continue reading Somewhere in between Mind


As I Gasp…..

It is really ironic...I AM STILL been hving dreams ovr a same person up till now...Adding on to it, recent it was 3 days in a row. To the long thought I've to forget them dearly. I have really Do!...Everyday I tell myself "oh gerl, it's just a big deal". This is obviously way … Continue reading As I Gasp…..

Shelve it all for 2011

I pray that my heart will be guarded to fullest. Over time I was able to perceive things, feelings..etc. As I look back now and see how that time allowed me to grow in ways I never had, improve in attitude and character, begin expressing myself in healthier ways, let my feelings actually feel, and … Continue reading Shelve it all for 2011

Sometimes . . . .

Sometimes I do the most random things, and I ramble. This is where that will happen. Expect anything and everything. It is interesting how quickly and suddenly we can realize how important and precious life is. I’ve seen beauty. I’ve seen pain, I’ve seen love, & I’ve seen hate. I’ve seen moments that last forever, & … Continue reading Sometimes . . . .